Artistizen Shareholder Token

10 000 000 000 ART


ART is a shareholder token that grants holders monthly dividends from the profits of the Artistizen NFT Marketplace runing on the Radix Layer 1 DeFi network.

The plattform launched on 22.02.22 with the collections of Skullzos and Techzillas and is beeing continously developed.

Negotiations with artists at 30% commission are taking place. The marketplace will remain curated by the team to guarantee high quality assets. Users can buy and sell the NFTs they purchased through the platform even before the introdocution of the next generation of the Radix network Babylon.

2022 and first half of 2023 are considered a high-risk "seed period" that establishes the platform and attracts a solid base of users while systematically investing into a high quality NFT portfolio. Full growth is expected after the upgrade of the Radix DeFi network to full smart contract capability end of 2022. Early investors of Seed Round 1 are compensated with a 1:320 XRD:ART ratio.


Betanet: Validator, "Funjects" - first NFT project on the Radix network
Stokenet: Validator, minting, scripting, proof of concept
Seed Round 1 - Radix Team Tribute NFT collection fundraiser
in progress
Marketplace early access for shareholders
Artistizen NFT Marketplace beta soft launch
Artistizen NFT Marketplace launch on Radix Engine 1
Transition to Radix Engine 2 on Babylon Network
Q1 2023
ART token DEX Listing on OciSwap and CerbySwap
Q1 2023


ART is a fixed token with total supply of 10B and cannot be minted nor burned.

The vault secures 2B for long term project development. Operations run the plattform. Artists & Devs are independent of Operations and develop talented artists, community projects and startup developers on the Radix Network.

9B is locked during Seed Round 1. (Vault, Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs, Seedround 2-4). Innitial circulating supply will be maximum 1B from shareholders of Seed Round 1 who will have the sole opportunity to provide liquidity for extra profits after listings on OciSwap and CerbySwap DEXes in early 2023.

Allocation Percentage Amount
Vault 20 % 2 000 000 000 ART
Founders 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Operations 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Artists & Devs 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Allocation Ratio Percentage Amount
Seed Round 1 1:320 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Seed Round 2 1:50 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Seed Round 3 1:25 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Seed Round 4 1:10 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART
Seed Round 5 1:5 10 % 1 000 000 000 ART

seed rounds

Seed Rounds allow the platform to raise capital for rapid expansion and are an opportunity for investors to buy ART tokens at a favorable price. Each round introduces 1B into the circulating supply. The timing of the Seed Rounds is dependent on the market share of the platform and the necessity to raise capital. We aim to balance progressive expansion and conservative fund raising to protect the value of the ART token and the investments of our shareholders. Seed Round 2 is therefore not expected before Q1 2024.

Seed Round 1 is currently underway with the goal to raise 3 126 250 XRD for the plattform's first 2 years of operations while granting investors the XRD/ART ratio of 1:320.

Current NFT price:



The profits are distributed to shareholders every month using this formula:

eligible XRD = marketplace profit 4B * owned ART tokens

Each Seed Round raises the payout percentage for shareholders. Any leftover dividends from an unclaimed share pool of a given Seed Round is delegated to Operations and Artists & Devs at a 1:1 ratio.
Dividends during Seed Rounds
Seed Round 1 - 1B circulating supply
Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs - each 25 %
Shareholders 25 %

Seed Round 2 - 2B circulating supply
Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs - each 20 %
Shareholders 40 %

Seed Round 3 - 3B circulating supply
Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs - each 16.67 %
Shareholders 50 %

Seed Round 4 - 4B circulating supply
Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs - each 14.29 %
Shareholders 57.14 %

Seed Round 5 - 5B circulating supply
Founders, Operations, Artists & Devs - each 12.5 %
Shareholders 62.50 %


To be become a shareholder you must participate in the Radix Team Tribute NFT collection fundraising sale and purchase at least one NFT from the collection. You will recieve 320 ART tokens for every XRD spent. The minimum investment is determined by the price of the NFTs.

Upon payment you will recieve your Tributject and the appropriate amount of ART tokens. Your dividends status for Seed Round 1 is defined by the wallet address that holds the ART tokens at the time of the dividend payment, which occurs at the end of each month. You are free to trade and swap our Tributjects and ART tokens.

You are more than welcomed to join our Tributject Telegram Channel.


Minting Address - Holding 9B.

Seed Round 1 Address - 1B is beeing distributed.